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By Ernest Fontaine, D.D.S.
November 15, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Dental Crowns  

There are many reasons that our Harrisburg, PA, dentist, Dr. Ernest Fontaine, may recommend that a patient get a dental crown. After all, this simple restoration offers a host of both restorative/cosmetic benefits and is a common fix for teeth that are cracked, fractured, or have to undergo root canal treatment.

Here are just some of the benefits of getting a dental crown from our Harrisburg, PA, dentist:

  • Strengthens weak or damaged teeth
  • Preserves what’s left of a natural tooth
  • Improves the overall shape, color, and appearance of a tooth
  • Supports a severely cracked or broken tooth
  • Prevents further damage to a tooth
  • Covers a dental implant
  • Protects a tooth after getting root canal treatment
  • Holds a dental bridge in place to replace missing teeth
  • Improves appearance
  • Boosts confidence

With the proper care, these durable restorations can last up to 15 years, making it a great option for anyone who is dealing with a damaged, weak, or malformed tooth. Since crowns are custom-made to fit your tooth, you won’t have to worry about them being bulky or unnatural. Plus, a crown is often made from a tooth-colored material such as composite resin or porcelain, ensuring that it will bear the look of a real tooth!

Each crown is created just for you, meaning that every contour and curve is designed to ensure that your crown looks just like the rest of your smile. No one will even be able to tell which tooth has a crown!

Crowns also offer both restorative and cosmetic benefits. Therefore, if you have a tooth that is malformed, misshapen, or severely discolored, placing a crown over the tooth could completely alter its shape, color, and size. While there are less invasive options such as veneers that can also hide imperfections, if your tooth is also damaged, then a crown may be the best way to restore and improve it.

Need dental work? Give us a call!

Do you have a damaged or misshapen tooth? If so, then it’s possible that you could benefit from a dental crown. Call our Harrisburg, PA, practice today at (717) 564-1310 to schedule a consultation with your dentist, Dr. Fontaine.

By Ernest Fontaine, D.D.S.
December 20, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Dental Crowns  

Could this popular dental restoration get your oral health back on track?

Are you wondering why this tooth-shaped dental cap is one of the most commonly used dental restorations? Are you wondering if a dental crown could improve your damaged smile in some way? If so, our Harrisburg, PA, dentist Dr. Ernest Fontaine has the answers you’re looking for about the different restorative and cosmetic dental treatments that can improve both the health and appearance of your smile.

So, are dental crowns right for you? Let’s find out! If you are dealing with a tooth that is fractured, cracked or severely decayed, then a dental crown may be able to protect your damaged tooth. If you are dealing with any of these dental issues, our Harrisburg restorative dentist can place a dental crown to preserve your smile.

Dental crowns are versatile, which means that they can provide both cosmetic and restorative benefits for the wearer. While crowns are often used for stability and support for a tooth, making the tooth fully functional again for chewing and biting, they can also be used to enhance and alter the shape, size or color of a tooth. If you have a tooth that is malformed, oddly shaped, uneven, worn down (from teeth grinding) or discolored, a crown can offer the tooth what it needs to improve its appearance.

If a tooth is damaged this can also cause tooth sensitivity, particularly to hot or cold foods or drinks. Tooth sensitivity can be both annoying and painful, at times. If tooth sensitivity is due to an infected or inflamed dental pulp, we will need to treat the tooth with root canal therapy. Once the tooth is treated, a dental crown will be cemented into place over the tooth.

If you grind your teeth (a condition known as bruxism) this can wear teeth down, causing teeth to look much smaller than normal. This wear and tear can also lead to fracturing or damage if left untreated. To protect the tooth from additional complications, our Harrisburg, PA, family dentist may place a crown.

Get Dental Crowns Fast!

While it usually takes about 2-3 visits to get a dental crown, our dentist makes it easy to get crowns the very same day in Harrisburg, PA. CEREC crowns look just like traditional crowns but they can be designed, fabricated and placed all in the same visit. Now we don't have to turn to an outside dental lab to create your beautiful new restoration. Your CEREC crown can be made right here while you wait. Restoring your smile has never been faster or simpler thanks to CEREC technology.

Are you interested in sitting down with us and discussing whether dental crowns could benefit your smile? If so, then call our Harrisburg, PA, dental office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fontaine. We want to work with you to get a smile that you can feel confident with.

By Ernest Fontaine, D.D.S.
December 04, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

A dental crown may be all you need to get your healthy smile back on track.dental  crowns

Has our Harrisburg, PA, dentist Dr. Ernest Fontaine recently told you that you need a dental crown? If so, you may have questions about this restoration and how it could improve your smile. We are here to answer your questions about this popular dental restoration.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown, sometimes referred to as a dental cap, is a hollow tooth-shaped restoration that is designed to fit over the entire crown of a tooth. This restoration sits above the gums and virtually becomes the new and improved outer layer for your tooth. In order for the dental crown to stay in place, it will be cemented into place on top of the tooth so that it stays put and functions just like a real tooth would.

When might I need a dental crown?

There are many scenarios in which our Harrisburg, PA, cosmetic dentist may recommend a dental crown. In most cases, this restoration is designed to restore strength and resilience back into a tooth that has become weak or damaged. If there has been extensive decay or if there is a fracture in the tooth that has affected the overall integrity of the crown of the tooth, we will need to remove the decay or buff out the damage and then place a crown to rebuild the tooth and restore its durability and appearance.

A dental crown may also be used to improve the overall color, shape, or size of a tooth. While there are many cosmetic options out there that don’t require as much tooth preparation as crowns, sometimes this restoration is a good option if the tooth requires both a cosmetic makeover and needs restrengthening.

Crowns can also be used to replace missing teeth, whether you are looking to cover a dental implant or you need to support a dental bridge. If you need to replace one or more permanent teeth dental crowns could also help you regain that full smile.

Are you dealing with a damaged tooth? Do you want to find out if dental crowns are the right approach to restoring your smile? Then it’s time you called our Harrisburg, PA, dental office today.

By Ernest Fontaine, D.D.S.
April 03, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Unfortunately, many people do not understand the importance of their dental health or how small dental problems could potentially turn cerecinto serious conditions affecting more than just your teeth. However, CEREC technology makes repairing your teeth with porcelain dental restorations easy with same-day dental restorations, saving you time, money and stress. Find out more about CEREC technology with Dr. Ernest Fontaine at his practice in Harrisburg, PA.

What is CEREC? 
CEREC is a revolutionary method of designing, creating and placing porcelain dental restorations like crowns and bridges in a single dental visit. Normally, the process for these restorations requires the help of a separate dental laboratory, which takes about two weeks to receive, design, create and return a finished dental restoration. CEREC’s system includes a specialized wand to take 3D impressions of the mouth, a CAD/CAM computer program for designing the restoration, and a machine which carves the actual restoration itself from a block of ceramic.

The Advantages of CEREC One Visit Restorations
CEREC’s system allows your dentist to skip the laboratory step of a dental restoration altogether. Not having to wait for the laboratory and shipping times that will save you an extra dental visit. Skipping the lab also saves you money found in laboratory fees and copays. CEREC uses only the highest quality materials, meaning that you can rest easy knowing that your dental restoration will last for many years to come.

CEREC One Visit Dental Restorations in Harrisburg, PA 
CEREC’s system is easy to use and allows your dentist to create your restoration in about an hour. First, your dentist uses CEREC’s system to take a 3D model of your mouth, eliminating the need for a physical impression. The model transfers to a computer program where your dentist can customize the restoration to fit perfectly into your smile. After finalizing the design, your dentist will send it to CEREC’s machine which will use lasers to cut and carve the restoration out of a block of ceramic. Finally, your dentist will put the finishing touches on your restoration, tweaking its design to fit your mouth seamlessly and color-matching it to the rest of your teeth.

For more information on CEREC, please contact Dr. Ernest Fontaine at his practice in Harrisburg, PA. Call (717) 564-1310 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Fontaine today!

By Ernest Fontaine, DDS
September 25, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
CEREC DentistryIn the past, dental crowns took days, maybe even weeks for the process to be completed. Not anymore. CEREC has made it possible for dentists to fix your teeth in under an hour! Dr. Ernest Fontaine is utilizing CEREC for Harrisburg patients to meet their cosmetic dental needs in a timely manner. As a provider of CEREC, we want you to know what CEREC can do for you by listing five advantages to utilizing this dental technology.

What is CEREC?

First off, let us tell you a little bit about what CEREC is. CEREC uses photographs of your dental structure to create a 3-D digital model. With this information, we can make a custom porcelain tooth to restore damage to the natural tooth.

Benefit 1: Fast Results

CEREC technology is time saving and makes your dental visits quick and to the point. Rather than having to come back for numerous visits, this can be done at one, easy appointment.

Benefit 2: Superior Results

The digital imaging gives us the confidence we need to make sure your dental piece fits your mouth perfectly.

Benefit 3: Permanent Results

Past dental crown processes required the patients to wait out the procedure with a temporary crown. It was hard to get them to fit perfectly and was such a hassle. CEREC allows us to generate a high-quality custom dental piece for the patient and is put on immediately.

Benefit 4: No Need for Annoying Impressions

Traditional crowns required patients to have impressions done of their teeth by using a messy elastic material. Since CEREC is all-digital, this eliminates the need for that.

Benefit 5: Attractive Results 

The restorations produced by CEREC are tooth-colored overlays that are hard to distinguish from your natural teeth. Crowns in the past were normally made from metal or a bulky porcelain material. CEREC crowns are durable and are non-invasive to remaining healthy tooth.

Call Ernest Fontaine, DDS Today!

Dr. Fontaine is committed to making his patients dental experience easy and effective by staying up to date on the latest technologies. To find out what a CEREC One-Day Crown is all about or to schedule an appointment, contact our Harrisburg office today: 717-564-1310.
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