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By Ernest Fontaine, DDS
September 25, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
CEREC DentistryIn the past, dental crowns took days, maybe even weeks for the process to be completed. Not anymore. CEREC has made it possible for dentists to fix your teeth in under an hour! Dr. Ernest Fontaine is utilizing CEREC for Harrisburg patients to meet their cosmetic dental needs in a timely manner. As a provider of CEREC, we want you to know what CEREC can do for you by listing five advantages to utilizing this dental technology.

What is CEREC?

First off, let us tell you a little bit about what CEREC is. CEREC uses photographs of your dental structure to create a 3-D digital model. With this information, we can make a custom porcelain tooth to restore damage to the natural tooth.

Benefit 1: Fast Results

CEREC technology is time saving and makes your dental visits quick and to the point. Rather than having to come back for numerous visits, this can be done at one, easy appointment.

Benefit 2: Superior Results

The digital imaging gives us the confidence we need to make sure your dental piece fits your mouth perfectly.

Benefit 3: Permanent Results

Past dental crown processes required the patients to wait out the procedure with a temporary crown. It was hard to get them to fit perfectly and was such a hassle. CEREC allows us to generate a high-quality custom dental piece for the patient and is put on immediately.

Benefit 4: No Need for Annoying Impressions

Traditional crowns required patients to have impressions done of their teeth by using a messy elastic material. Since CEREC is all-digital, this eliminates the need for that.

Benefit 5: Attractive Results 

The restorations produced by CEREC are tooth-colored overlays that are hard to distinguish from your natural teeth. Crowns in the past were normally made from metal or a bulky porcelain material. CEREC crowns are durable and are non-invasive to remaining healthy tooth.

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Dr. Fontaine is committed to making his patients dental experience easy and effective by staying up to date on the latest technologies. To find out what a CEREC One-Day Crown is all about or to schedule an appointment, contact our Harrisburg office today: 717-564-1310.
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