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By Ernest Fontaine D.D.S.
October 31, 2014
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As Halloween looms and eye-catching wrapped candy is in every store display and aisle, don’t forget about how eating candy can impact your teeth. One of the premier Harrisburg cosmetic dentistry services Dr. Fontaine provides is placing porcelain veneers. These shell-like coverings can conceal imperfections in your smile, making your teeth appear whiter, straighter and evenly shaped. If you have veneers, avoiding certain types of Halloween candy can ensure your veneers remain as intact as the first day Dr. Fontaine applied them.
The first rule of thumb is to avoid foods that are extremely hard to bite into. While you know ice is a no-no, this can also include caramel or candied apples that can be a fall favorite. The hard, outer shell and difficulty biting into the apple itself can put extreme pressures on your teeth, leading to breakage and damage.
Other candies to keep off the Halloween to-purchase list include rock candies, which have similar problems as candied apples with taking a bite. Some foods that have hard seeds, such as popcorn and pumpkin seeds, may also be difficult for you to eat. This is especially true if your veneers are fairly new and you may not yet be used to any changes in your bite.
Porcelain veneers are not impervious to stains. This means if you eat Halloween candies that have a lot of food coloring, they could potentially stain your teeth. Blue and purple foods are especially big offenders, so shy away from grape- or blueberry-flavored items.
While Halloween is a fun and celebratory time for the whole family, our Harrisburg dental team reminds all our patients that candy has sugars, which attract cavity-causing bacteria. While it’s okay to indulge every once in a while, limit these eating sessions to a few indulgences. Munching on sugary foods all day essentially gives your teeth a “sugar bath” that all people, including those with veneers, can experience greater rates of decay.
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