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By Ernest Fontaine, D.D.S.
October 16, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: CEREC Crowns  

CEREC crowns are the perfect choice when you need a new crown but don't want to wait weeks for a dental laboratory to create one. In just one visit, you'll receive a permanent crown created in your dentist's office using computer-aided design. Ernest Fontaine, D.D.S., your Harrisburg dentist, shares some of the most common questions people have about the CEREC process.CEREC

How does it work?

When you visit your dentist's office, he'll use a special camera to take a photograph of the tooth that needs the crown and surrounding teeth. With a push of a button, the photographs will be sent to a computer. Your dentist will use the CEREC software to create a virtual model of your tooth. He'll add some finishing touches and then send the design to a milling machine. Approximately 15 minutes later, your new ceramic crown will be ready.

What are the advantages of CEREC crowns?

Just like traditional crowns, CEREC crowns protect and stabilize damaged teeth, but they also offer several important features. The ceramic CEREC uses looks just like tooth enamel and blends in easily with your other teeth. Because you receive your crown during your visit, you won't have to wear a temporary crown for weeks or avoid sticky or hard foods that can dislodge temporary crowns.

Some traditional crowns are made with porcelain over metal. Due to wear, the metal can start to show through the porcelain over time. Since CEREC crowns are constructed of solid ceramic, you'll never have to worry that a flash of metal will ruin your smile. Because these crowns don't contain metal, they can also be X-rayed. This is particularly important because it allows your dentist to identify tooth decay or other changes that can compromise your tooth.

Can I get more than one crown during a visit?

Because the process to create CEREC crowns is so efficient, your dentist can create and place multiple crowns in the same visit.

When you want a quality crown without the wait, CEREC is the perfect solution. Call Ernest Fontaine, D.D.S, your dentist in Harrisburg, at (717) 564-1310 to find out how a CEREC crown can improve your dental health.