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Posts for: January, 2015

By Ernest Fontaine, D.D.S.
January 30, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: specialty dentures  

Today's dentures are more comfortable, lightweight, and more durable than ever before. Dentures made with the most recent technology will give you a better fit than you ever imagined and will give you a natural looking smile. Ernest Fontaine, D.D.S. in Harrisburg is the dentist to choose for your specialty dentures.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are a removable replacement for missing teeth. Dentures can replace one tooth or all your teeth. In the past, dentures were called "false teeth" because it was pretty easy to tell when someone was wearing dentures. But with the most recent technology available, you will be surprised how natural your dentures will look.

What are Dentures Made of?

Dentures today are made from acrylic resin. Acrylic resin is known for its durability and strength and at the same time, for being lightweight and providing a comfortable fit.

What Types of Dentures are there?

There are many different types of dentures available. Here is a brief overview of some of them:

  • Complete dentures - These dentures are used as a replacement for all the teeth in your mouth.
  • Partial dentures - These dentures replace just a section of missing teeth and you still have some remaining healthy teeth.
  • Overdentures - These dentures are attached to healthy teeth in your mouth used as anchors to secure the denture fit.
  • Conventional dentures - These dentures are removable for easy cleaning. They are used once the teeth have been removed and time has been allowed for your gums to heal.
  • Immediate dentures - These dentures are able to be placed immediately following tooth removal.
How do I Take Care of My Dentures?
You should brush your dentures everyday with a soft-bristled brush designed for dentures. You should not use regular toothpaste as this can damage the dentures. Use a paste that is specifically designed for dentures. You should rinse off your dentures after every meal. You should also soak your dentures overnight in water or a denture soaking solution. Continue to schedule regular check ups with your dentist.
How Expensive are Dentures?
How much dentures cost varies depending on what type of dentures you need, if you need to have teeth removed, and other preparation work to be done. Dr. Fontaine will work with you so you are fully aware of the cost prior to starting the denture process.
What to Expect with your New Dentures
When you first get dentures, it will take some time to get used to talking and eating with them. You may have some discomfort and it may feel awkward. This will diminish with time and practice. If however, you continue to have problems, then contact your dentist. Your dentures may need an adjustment or to be relined.
When you have questions about dentures in Harrisburg, Dr. Fontaine is here to answer your questions. Call him at (717) 564-1310 today!