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Posts for: February, 2014

Teeth Whitening HarrisburgThe heart-shaped chocolate boxes adorn the aisles, and in your entire life, you probably never saw as many balloons, flowers and teddy bears as you do on Valentine’s Day. Many people plan weeks ahead for the perfect date. It’s also stressful because each year you want to do something romantic that will top all of the previous ones.
While it’s important to buy something meaningful for a loved one, you should also treat yourself for this special day, even if you don’t have someone to celebrate with. In Harrisburg, teeth whitening treatment can give you a whiter smile and brighter outlook for the Valentine season.

Benefits of in-office teeth whitening

If you want your teeth to look naturally white, it’s important to evenly apply whitening agent on teeth. However, that’s difficult to do with sticky strips and ill-fitting trays. At the dentist office, a dental staff member can ensure in-office whitening trays are evenly placed across all front teeth, while protecting your gums and mouth.
Plus, in-office, custom bleaching trays can give you shades whiter teeth, compared to store-bought whitening toothpaste or strips. Those take weeks, even months, to show noticeable results.
Moreover, Dr. Fontaine offers a Whitening Rewards program; established patients can get free trays and a refill of 22 percent bleach at each cleaning appointment. You can even upgrade the bleach to a higher concentration for a minimal cost.
Note: there are requirements to being in the Whitening Rewards program. Please call our office for full details. 
If you want cleaner, whiter teeth maybe a cleaning and whitening appointment are in order!
To schedule an appointment/consultation for teeth whitening, Harrisburg residents can call (717) 564-1310. What are you looking forward to this new year? What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comment section below!